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Auto Glass Repair Houston

Need a New Windshield? Or a Nice UV Window Tint?

If your vehicle needs a new windshield, door glass replaced, or back glass, the expert team at World Tech Auto can replace it quickly.

Our experienced team looks after your safety first! We restore your automotive glass back to its original glass specifications.

Need a new look for your vehicle or just tired of the sun blazing through? Window tinting provides aesthetic appeal and it also protects your vehicle and belongings from harsh UV Rays.

Window tinting protects yourself and the vehicle interior from harmful UV rays by almost 99%!

You can count on the expert team at World Tech Auto for all your window and auto glass repair needs.

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Glass Cracks, Window Chips & Your Safety!

Glass cracks, wedged objects, and windshield chips can compromise your safety from the weakened glass!

It’s important to keep your windshield and windows in top condition to maintain the structural integrity of your vehicle. Not only do they look bad, but they can obstruct your view. Improve your driving experience and keep you and your passengers safe by calling World Tech Auto.

Our technicians are experienced in the repair and replacement of all types of automotive glass, including rear and side windows and windshields.

  • Back Glass
  • Quarter Glass
  • Vent Glass
  • Door Glass
  • Windshields

In the case of collision damage, windshield replacement is often a major aspect of the restoration process. New glass is almost always needed, and it’s important to have it installed professionally. We use only the most advanced adhesives and glass on the market today.

Auto Glass Repair
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” I didn’t get hit with any unexpected charges and the work was completed when they said it would. “

“I am not afraid to bring my car to World Tech Auto! Thanks! ”  

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Auto Glass Repair


Auto Glass Repair

Restore Foggy Vehicle Headlights!

Vehicle headlights and taillights are essential to your safety on the road. Headlights simultaneously allow you to see and be seen at night and on dark days. Your tail lights signal turns and braking and also allow vehicles behind you to see you at night.

If your headlights and taillights are foggy, cloudy or just dirty, bring your vehicle to World Tech Auto.

We can restore your vehicle lights to look as good as new. Replacing lights can be expensive, and it is much more economical to have them restored.

Our goal is to make sure you are safe on the road. If your headlights and tail lights need to be restored, our expert team will provide you with a quote today. Bring in your vehicle to World Tech Auto and experience the difference restored lights can provide.

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